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Play videos, convert them and perform various editing tasks
7 years ago
I used this for some simple video clipping and it worked very well for my needs. I will use it in the future! The software is very nice and very simple to use! thank you Kate! A note for people to avoid unwanted third-party software when installing not only this but any free software in the future... To avoid adware and other unwanted third party software from being installed when installing any free software, you MUST select custom install and then deselect all other suggested products. Otherwise you will get software that you did not expect to install. Yes this blows but it seems like all free downloads have taken to this misleading practice so just a heads up for everyone. This is how they trick you these days and sadly even big companies like Oracle have taken to it. I swear that this happened to me when I installed the latest Java SDK not too long ago! You can't blame the independent guys/gals as they need to make money somehow but Oracle? Come on!
Lucas Dreyer
7 years ago
I installed Kate's Video Toolkit and now I have adware! There was no option to exclude additional components during the installation. Now Firefox randomly opens a link to a weird website.
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